Why are oats good for you?

Oats, the little cereal with many surprising benefits!

Oatmeal lunches have only recently found their place in our bowls. For good reason, its texture mixed with milk may seem a little less greedy than our jam sandwiches. In the Saane/Sarine Region, the major consumers of bircherrr muesli have long since adopted this cereal with its many benefits.

These 4 benefits related to oat consumption will make you regret leaving your bag of flakes at the bottom of the buffet.

  1. A good dose of fibre to reduce snacking

Oats contain a very high fibre content! Once in the body, these fibres swell and provide a feeling of satiety (you will feel full for the whole morning!) This consistency effect limits snacking and therefore weight gain!

  1. Oats reduce Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease

This cereal contains fibers called beta-glucan, which helps to lower blood cholesterol levels. It also has the ability to limit insulin production and is therefore known to benefit people with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Its regular consumption even improves intestinal well-being! Processed cereals (often fatter and sweeter) we eat for breakfast definitely look pale compared to this healthy powerhouse.

  1. And the benefits on the skin, let’s talk about it!

Oats have been used for centuries for its beauty properties as it moisturizes, soothes and repairs damaged skin. The high content of vitamin E (antioxidant), and B vitamins present in this cereal, make it a subtle and natural asset for your healthy morning glow!

  1. Practical, simple, and gourmet

Oatmeal no longer deserves the negative reputation it has earned in the austere canteens of residential schools and prisons. From now on, his followers make feasts of them for breakfast! And all this quickly prepared! Accented with fruit, cinnamon, honey, seeds or almonds, oats radiate to the palate of flavours. YUMMMM

Whether it is eaten as bircher, biscuits or porridge, this cereal will continue to conquer our stomachs!


Oatmeal flakes with wooden scoop on white background



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